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The firm provides businesses with the legal support necessary for their daily operations.   In order to best serve its business clients, the firm strives to understand the operations of our business clients so that when they call, the firm is ready to respond.  The firm commits itself to serving businesses at every stage of development and growth, from start-up to sale.   The firm provides counsel on various operational matters including corporate governance,  interpretation of contracts, mergers and acquisitions, business succession planning, employer/employee relations,  insurance, taxation, real estate transactions, financing,  protection of intellectual property, and litigation risks.    

We recommend that you contact one of our business attorneys listed below:

Terry DeSylvia
  (503) 412-6713
Douglas R. Grim
  (503) 412-6712
Kirkham E. Hay
  (503) 412-6722
Scott L. Jensen
   (503) 412-6711
Stephen E. Blackman
  (503) 412-6733
Lisa C. Alan
  (503) 412-6742
Joseph M. Mabe
  (503) 412-6744
Kent D. Johnson
  (503) 412-6737
Raymond M. Rask
  (503) 412-6739
Alejandra Torres

  (503) 412-6732
Mary L. Dougherty

  (503) 412-6724
Ashley J. McDonald

  (503) 412-6702




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