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Business Litigation

The firm understands that one of the costs of doing business is litigation. The costs of litigation, assessment of the risk associated with litigation, and the probability of a successful outcome, are critical factors that business clients must know at every stage of litigation. The firm prides itself on being able to advise our business clients of litigation risks so that the business client can make an informed decision.  If the matter must be litigated, the firm’s experienced business litigation lawyers are capable of handling all litigation arising from the operations of the firm’s business clients including matters such as collection, contract disputes, employer/employee relations, noncompetition agreements, insurance disputes, merger and acquisition disputes, and dissolution of privately held companies.  

We recommend that you contact one of our business litigation attorneys listed below:

Miles Sweeney

  (503) 412-6727
David J. Sweeney
  (503) 412-6723
Scott L. Jensen
   (503) 412-6711
Paul G. Dodds
   (503) 412-6728
Douglas J. Raab
   (503) 412-6710
Joseph M. Mabe
   (503) 412-6744
Raymond M. Rask
   (503) 412-6739
Alejandra Torres
  (503) 412-6732








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