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Employer/Employee Relations

The employment relationship creates many challenges for both employers and employees.  Numerous and ever-changing federal, state, and local laws and regulations govern virtually all aspects of the employment relationship.  The firm's attorneys assist our employer and employee clients in fulfilling their employment-related obligations, and in recognizing and preventing claims that can lead to costly litigation.  If litigation cannot be avoided, the firm's employer/employee relations attorneys are experienced in litigating a wide variety of employment-related disputes, including wage claims, discrimination claims, wrongful termination claims, and disputes over executive compensation, in both federal and state courts and administrative agencies.

We recommend that you contact one of our employeer/employee relations attorneys listed below:

Terry DeSylvia
  (503) 412-6713
David J. Sweeney
  (503) 412-6723
Paul G. Dodds
  (503) 412-6728
Stephen E. Blackman
  (503) 412-6733
Douglas J. Raab
  (503) 412-6710
Joseph M. Mabe
  (503) 412-6744








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