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Estate Planning

The firm seeks to develop  wealth preservation plans for all of its clients.  Estate and gift tax are generally "voluntary taxes" resulting from lack of adequate planning.  Brownstein Rask employs sophisticated estate planning techniques to reduce or eliminate these taxes.  The firm's lawyers have extensive experience in estate and trust law, estate administration, and tax law.  The firm uses its experience to provide custom-tailored estate plans that transfer wealth from one generation to another at the lowest possible transfer tax costs.

We recommend that you contact one of our estate planning attorneys listed below:

Terry DeSylvia
     (503) 412-6713

Douglas R. Grim
  (503) 412-6712
Kirkham E. Hay
    (503) 412-6722
Kent D. Johnson
  (503) 412-6737
Mary L. Dougherty
  (503) 412-6724
Lisa C. Alan
  (503) 412-6742











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