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Practice Areas
A trial court's judgment or an administrative order is not necessarily the end of the litigation.  In virtually all civil and administrative matters a disappointed litigant has the right to appeal to a higher tribunal.  The right to appeal does not necessarily mean that it is wise to appeal.
The firm provides businesses with the legal support necessary for their daily operations.   In order to best serve its business clients, the firm strives to understand the operations of our business clients so that when they call, the firm is ready to respond.
 Business Litigation
The firm understands that one of the costs of doing business is litigation. The costs of litigation, assessment of the risk associated with litigation, and the probability of a successful outcome, are critical factors that business clients must know at every stage of litigation.
 Criminal Defense
If you have been accused of a crime, or believe you may be facing criminal charges, you should contact the attorneys in our firm's criminal law section. We handle all types of criminal proceedings, with a particular emphasis on Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) charges.
 Employee Benefits
Brownstein Rask has an active employee benefits practice. We provide legal advice for multiemployer trusts and single employers, as well as nonprofit organizations and governmental employers.
 Employer/Employee Relations
The employment relationship creates many challenges for both employers and employees.  Numerous and ever-changing federal, state, and local laws and regulations govern virtually all aspects of the employment relationship.  The firm's attorneys assist our employer and employee clients in fulfilling their employment-related obligations, and in recognizing and preventing claims that can lead to costly litigation. 
 Estate Planning & Probate
The firm seeks to develop  wealth preservation plans for all of its clients.  Estate and gift tax are generally "voluntary taxes" resulting from lack of adequate planning.  Brownstein Rask employs sophisticated estate planning techniques to reduce or eliminate these taxes.
The issues involved in divorce can pose significant challenges for families including financial cost and emotional strain in attempting to preserve the well-being of both parents and children. We understand that every case is unique and every client faces a distinct set of legal challenges.
The firm understands the importance of insurance as a necessary aspect of risk management for our clients. The firm maintains insurance expertise to ensure that the its clients are able to seek advice on a variety of issues pertaining to insurance.
 Longshore and Harbor Workers
The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA) provides employment-injury and occupational-disease protection to workers who are injured or contract occupational diseases occurring on the navigable waters of the United States, or in adjoining areas, and for certain other classes of workers covered by extensions of this Act.
 Nonprofit Organization
Brownstein Rask lawyers assist nonprofit organizations with general business and litigation needs, and special matters applicable to nonprofit organizations.
 Personal Injury
Our attorneys are well-qualified in negotiation and litigation of personal injury claims. We initially counsel our clients to be patient in seeking compensation, as some injuries donít manifest until well after the accident. Once we have a complete understanding of our clientís injuries and damages incurred, we build a thorough and effective case with the objective of obtaining for a maximum recovery. We prepare every case as if it were going to trial, as we are prepared to do so if necessary.
 Real Estate
All real estate clients have the common goal of getting their projects and deals done. We have lawyers with hands-on experience who are well-equipped to assist our clients in reaching the conclusion of their real estate transactions. We get projects approved and find creative solutions to problems that arise.
Brownstein Rask's tax practice assists clients in responding to the ever changing and increasingly more dispute-oriented tax environment in which we live.  All of our tax attorneys have advanced law degrees in taxation and years of experience of providing sophisticated tax advice to our clients.