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Real Estate

All real estate clients have the common goal of getting their projects and deals done. We have lawyers with hands-on experience who are well-equipped to assist our clients in reaching the conclusion of their real estate transactions. We get projects approved and find creative solutions to problems that arise. The area of real estate law encompasses more than just the purchase and sale of real estate, as it also includes zoning issues, land-use regulations and civil rights laws affecting property, bankruptcy issues, constructions contracts and liens, easements, foreclosures, leasing, taxation, and title matters. The firm understands and strives to provide clients with experienced lawyers capable of solving and navigating the numerous legal issues that may surface with any real estate transaction.

We recommend that you contact one of our real estate law attorneys listed below:

Terry DeSylvia
 (503) 412-6713
Douglas R. Grim
 (503) 412-6712
Kirkham E. Hay
 (503) 412-6722
Scott L. Jensen
  (503) 412-6711
Stephen E. Blackman
 (503) 412-6733
Kent D. Johnson
 (503) 412-6737
Thomas J. Arenz
 (503) 412-6726









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